Consultations and Prices

To find an appropriate homeopathic remedy (or remedies) to fit you as an individual, in the situation you are currently in, it is important for me as a homeopath to understand as best I can what it is like to experience the symptoms and what your life is like in general.

If you choose to book a free 15 minute discovery call I will ask for an overview of what needs to be addressed and you can ask me questions about homeopathy in general and my practice in particular.

A typical initial consultation lasts 90 minutes and involves discussion of your current issues/symptoms, yours health and your family health history and an overview of you as a person. I will ask a wide range of questions, likely to include your hobbies, food likes or dislikes, sleep patterns, body temperature and fears.

A follow-up consultation is usually arranged to take place 4 or 5 weeks after taking a remedy. It will last up to an hour and covers changes since the last consultation and anything else you would like to talk through or address.

Everything you say is completely confidential.

You can find more information about the consultation process on the Society of Homeopaths website page “Seeing a Homeopath” which can be accessed by clicking here.

One Friday a month I see patients in the clinic room at Health Conscious health food shop in Llantwit Major. If you are interested in seeing me on one of those days, please do get in touch.

Concessions and family packages available, please contact me for more information.

Payment is due 48 hours before the consultation and can be made via bank transfer or by card payment through Square.

To download a copy of my GDPR Policies please click here